New Gadget: Wearable Baby Monitor

If you fail to understand why your baby would ever need a wearable baby monitor then this is the perfect article for you. Here, I am going to explain what a wearable baby monitor is as well as give you reasons why it is so important for you.



Sproutling is one of the first companies to have developed wearable baby monitors and they are great devices when it comes to raising parenting IQ. Steve Bruce, the CEO of the company said that their goal was to make even a first time parent feel like they have raised a kid a million times.



Just imagine how things could have been if you had the option of attaching a small little monitor on your baby which would provide you with details regarding your baby's heart rate & breathing as well as details regarding the lighting and room temperature. And all of this information could easily be accessed through a simple app which you download to your smart phone. That really is an amazing concept isn't it? And Sproutling is making it possible. They have created a small little Bluetooth monitor which you can simply wrap around your baby's ankle and get all of this information. This is parenting on an entirely different level made possible by the new gadget: wearable baby monitor.



While experienced parents may not find this device to be worth much for a first time father or a first time mother, this device could be the only thing which lets them sleep peacefully at night. Just imagine if you could do something as simple as checking your smart phone to make sure your baby is alright instead of having to get out of bed each time you worried about your baby.



The only real problem I can find with these devices is the fact that they use Bluetooth technology. Science hasn't really been able to prove whether wireless technologies like Bluetooth have any negative effects on our health or not. While many may believe that such wireless technology can cause cancer, there isn't sufficient evidence to prove this. Still, I highly doubt anyone would want to influence their child to wireless technology at such an early age considering they will probably own their own smart phone by the time they turn 12.



I guess we will just have to wait and see whether these wearable baby monitors catch on as a trend or die a quiet death without too many people even knowing they ever existed.